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Personal Message to Friends of Big Springs Gardens

My home and the property known as Big Springs Gardens has been sold but the sale did not include the business. Unfortunately the buyer does not intend to keep the business open as you and I have known it, but does plan over time to open it in some other form. Hopefully, this will happen so that many of you who love this place as much as I do will be able to enjoy it.

Claudette and I will maintain the Big Springs Gardens website and plan to sell garden photographs and posters, etc. along with my recently published book Big Springs Gardens by Don Phillips.

Thank you for your support and friendship over the years. We have had some very good times together and I will miss you. Don Phillips

Big Springs Gardens book by Don Phillips is now available.
It is a hardback 160 page deluxe edition filled with beautiful photographs chronicling the development of this incredible naturalized garden. Woven through the pictures and narrative the author, then 90 years of age, takes us on a personal journey through his many faceted career that culminates in the creation of Big Springs Gardens. His personal story, spanning 50 years of ownership reveals in word and pictures the evolution of ideas and events that provide insight into "how it all came about."

Please send a check in the amount of $62.00 made payable to Big Springs Gardens to Don Phillips, 2004 Hutley Way, Granite Bay, CA 95746.