What you need for a road Trip

What you need for a road Trip

It doesn’t matter whether you are crossing states or heading abroad, the ultimate road trip list for packing will have your cruising covered in comfort. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming when packing for a road trip. Once you have a checklist and you bookmark, your road adventure will be a breeze.


a jeep on the roadYou should wear clothes that are breathable and loose but presentable when making stops. Darks outfit hide dirt, wrinkles, and stains better. If you need to do laundry on the road a drawstring laundry bag is what you need.

Don’t forget to take weather into account, if it’s rainy don’t miss to pack waterproof items like backpack rain covers and travel umbrellas. Light layers just in case it gets cold and all this should be within easy reach.



You will save a lot by caring snacks from home than buying them from a gas station, and you will have healthier meals. Tupperware containers are fantastic as they are eco- friendly, non-toxic and completely leak proof. To maintain cleanness wet wipes are convenient. An iceless cooler will be of help if you need food to keep fresh as you plug into the cigarette lighter.


To keep things lively you will need handheld devices as they are best diversions. If you ran out of power, consider creative games. This kind of games prompts each of you to make up funny stories making it lively.


a car being driven on snowTo navigate in unfamiliar territory, you need to invest in a GPS. Leave alone use of mobile or google maps because service may fail. You will get one that you plug into the cigarette lighter and make sure it works before the trip. An affordable device like Garmin Nuvi got features like Bluetooth, smartphone link and lifetime maps that you will need on the road trip.


It’s fun when everyone sings along to upbeat and catchy tunes which keeps them awake. Avoid anything that will get the driver sleepy like soft or repetitive music. Your body and brain get a breather with a separate playlist for mellower songs.


Bring an emergency road assistance kit and a first aid kit. You also need to have a portable just in case your batteries go flat and you need to make an emergency call. It also doubles as a lantern and portable charger which got USB connections